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Nature Can Be Scary

Let Us Help You

Plan, Protect, Prevent




Professional Property Assessment

We work with you to create custom tailored home storm plans. Our experts are ready to assess your property and provide individualized options of how to best prepare and evade the havoc storms can bring.  

Storm Damage Mitigation Equipment

Worried about the hassles associated with finding, storing and securing weather proofing equipment? We got you covered. Our spacious warehouse can accommodate all needed materials and with our plans they are available to you when needed.

Labor & Man Power

We do the heavy lifting. Most of our plans include service calls to implement protection plan. Forget rushing to find labor last minute, instead schedule an appointment ahead of time and we will take care of the rest.




Prepping The Outside

Prepping the outside of your home is one of the most important parts when it comes to staying safe from a heavy storm.
Secure Windows & Doors
  • Lowcountry Storm Prep provides you with custom fitted window covers.

  • Seal doors with plastic and silicone before placing sandbags.

Secure Porch Items
  • Secure any loose items you may have lying around your property (chairs, tables, etc).

  • Correct loose fittings, corrosion, and any timber that has been termite-affected or is currently rotting.


  • Make sure that your car insurance, the insurance of the contents (of the home), and home insurance is up to date and valid.

 Roof + Trees + Power
  • Check your roof to make sure it’s in good condition to weather a storm.


  • Removing branches that are close to your home (power lines, structures, roofs, etc).

  • Relocating power points so that they’re well above the estimated flooding level.

  • Unplug all valuable electronics that re not being used.

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