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What is Home Inventory Service?

In short, it is exactly what it sounds

Our trained professional team creates a complete itemized list of all belongings in your home. In a way this list is your checkpoint prior to any loss or damage related to natural event.  It can also serve a purpose if your home becomes burglarized.


In most cases, when filing insurance claim, these lists save a lot of time and hardship. A few insurance companies might even provide you with a discount for having this list. In a way this list can evolve and become your “CLAIM DIARY”.







Piece of Mind

3 Simple Reasons


Just like moving to a new home, inventorying your valuables takes time.


Accurate and complete lists compilation might seem like a daunting task, however, once the list is compiled, with the itemized record of possessions, your task of dealing with insurance companies is much more straight forward.

In turn you save time and money.


Shock of a disaster can be extremely emotionally charging.


If you face a loss from natural disaster, impact of a loss can hinder your ability to accurately recall list of what was lost. At this very moment would you be able to list all of you home possession and accurately account for the real loss?

Imagine trying to gather your thoughts after a tornado, hurricane or flood.


Things that are covered by insurance, at times might be forgotten due to stress and in turn never claimed.


What should be your first step?


Are you staring at a lifetime worth of possessions armed with only a pencil and a piece of paper?


We can help. Knowing where to start is crucial. Our know-how with home inventorying translates into smooth experience for you.

Experience is the key.


All of our staff is thoroughly checked and vetted. All of our employees understand that entering your home is a privilege. This is why as a standard practice, we sign a confidentiality guarantee prior to start of the service. In addition, you are always welcome to stay with us though the process or if you prefer to go about your daily business, that's OK, as well.


Its up to you!



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