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How It Works

Each house is different and requires a custom quote. We come to your home, walk your property and assess your specific needs in order to come  up with a tailored plan to suit you and your home for the next storm. Whether you choose the standard or premium package, we outfit your home with our unique quick prep system, sandbags and double walled polycarbonate panels, which are lighter than plywood and still allow 80% of light to enter your home. 

Standard versus Premium

Premium includes two service calls per year, so all you have to do is call. We handle everything from there. This package includes assessment and Storm Planning Kit delivered and conveniently installed by our trained professionals so you can be absent with no worries. 

Standard package is subject to service call fee and does require an additional 24 hours notice. 


Annual Property Assessment


Window covers & filled sand bags prepared, stored and delivered 

Post storm pickup after you have taken coverings down


Access to post storm clean up services

72 hours prior notification required

Curbside delivery

(No installation)


Annual Property Assessment 

Window Covers prepared, stored, delivered and INSTALLED

Filled Sand Bags prepared, stored, delivered and placed 

Porch furnishings secured

Emergency Supply Care Package

Priority access to generators


Priority access to post storm clean up services

48 Hour notification required

Professional Installation Included


Typically our plans run between 500$ and $1000 depending on location, home accessibility and other variable factors.

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